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Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States, and it's the most commonly performed procedure at Fredericksburg Eye Associates. We currently perform over1,000 cataract surgeries per year in Fredericksburg, TX.

Because of tremendous advances in technology over the past few decades, it is now typically a 10-15-minute outpatient procedure with only rare complications. Most patients have reduced dependence on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery.  Some patients don't need any glasses at all.

We Use the Lastest Ophthalmic Technologies

We perform cataract surgery on Wednesdays and Thursdays at in Fredericksburg and Boerne. Most of these surgeries use very minimal sedation and topical anesthetic drops. Usually no suture and no patch are required after surgery. We offer a range of refractive options including monofocal IOLs, toric IOLs, multifocal IOLs, extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOLs, and monovision. If you have astigmatism or want to be completely free of glasses, there is an additional charge for premium lenses that is not covered by medical insurance.

We currently offer all of the latest IOLs:  Symfony Optiblue, Synergy, Panoptix, Vivity, Eyhance, Envista, etc.  We love to customize our IOL choice to the patient's needs.  We encourage you to call our office and compare our premium IOL prices with others in the area.

We use the very latest in cataract surgery technology including a Lenstar LS900 with the Barrett Universal II formula which has been proven to be the most accurate IOL formula available. The Lenstar LS900 integrates seamlessly with the Haag Streit Hi-R 900 Neo Operating Microscope, which gives our ophthalmologists an amazing view into the eye. It also gives the surgeon a monitor to confirm the patient's name and IOL power, as well as a photograph of the patient's eye from clinic to allow for proper IOL alignment.  We use the Alcon Centurion Phacoemulsification System which reduces energy used inside the eye while improving efficiency. We can also record surgeries in high-definition video.

One of the latest trends in cataract surgery is to use a femtosecond laser to automate certain parts of cataract surgery. Even if a laser is used, an incision is still made into the eye to allow removal of the cataract and placement of the IOL at the end of the surgery. It was initially thought that this would make surgery safer and more accurate. However, a number of randomized clinical trials have been performed, and it appears that using the laser is not safer, nor more accurate. You can read the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ruling about charging extra for using the laser by clicking here.  Here is a video by Dr. Shannon Wong in Austin comparing "manual" surgery to "femtosecond" laser cataract surgery.  

See Why Our Patients Are Happy With Our Services

At Fredericksburg Eye Associates, we offer the same premium IOLs at a fraction of the price of those practices that utilize a femtosecond laser. We continuously update our technology based on research published in high quality, peer-reviewed sources.

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Dr. Cohn has a YouTube channel where you can see ophthalmic surgeries he has done by clicking here.

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