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Fredericksburg, TX eye doctor


Eye Exams

All of our doctors perform comprehensive eye exams. As eye doctors, they perform eye examinations with an emphasis on diagnosing and treating medical eye problems.  They perform screening and treatment for all of the eye conditions on our website.

They also write prescriptions for glasses and do basic contact lens fitting. There is no optical shop at Fredericksburg Eye Associates, but we can write a prescription, and you can have your prescription filled at any optical shop.  Because we don't sell glasses, we can tell you whether you really need to get a new prescription or not!

In addition, Fredericksburg Eye Associates maintains the latest in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment including ocular coherence tomography (OCT), OCT angiography, Fundus Photography with Autofluorescence, A & B scan, automated visual field testing, Lenstar calculations, Post-LASIK IOL calculations, corneal topography, and external ocular photography. Fredericksburg Eye Associates is committed to being on the cutting edge of ophthalmic technology.

All of our doctors are also perform a variety of ophthalmic procedures and surgeries.

Fredericksburg TX eye doctor
Eye Surgeries

Eye procedures that cannot be done in the office are performed by our doctors at Methodist Hill Country Hospital, usually on an outpatient basis. 

The following includes many of the eye surgeries our doctors perform:

In Office Procedures

Many ophthalmic procedures do not have to be done in the operating room. Here are a few of the procedures that can be performed in the office:

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